An experimental collaboration between architects and artists.

Nov 1, 2007

It's day 6 (i think). I'm losing track of time. I left Tijuana at 6am with a duffle bag on Friday last week, got to sci-arc at around 2 pm and started building my shelter before nightfall. I brought a sleeping bag ( no tent ), a few clothes, some food and my computer stuff. My only stipulation-no leaving the campus area. My shelter is made only from scraps found in the trash cans and on the grounds. This is an architecture school, so the scraps are pretty rad.
Each day I add to the shelter based on a need.

Started with:
***Prefab structure built by the "architects"
Scaffolding + Two 4x4ish wood platforms installed on second level
Large Pillows made from tyvek, stuffed with material.
***day 1- friday - need quick basic shelter for privacy and warmth
need to account for tilt in roof in case of rain.
After the kick off party, saw a nice sized rat run under the shelter.
need to seal the inside (prevent unwanted guests) for piece of mind.
***day 2- saturday - water proofing - first scavanged for plastic bags
floating on the ground and duct taped them together into a large sheet.
When it actually started to rain - I ran into the building and took
large black trash can bags duct taped them together and made a second layer.
shade - used material provided on site, but cut into camoflauge pattern
in order to maintain air flow and light ( I work on one panel everyday)
***day 3- Sunday -Bathing -this place is dirty-I had been washing in the sink inside
the building but the"pinche" faucet doesn't run - it's the push for water type.
I NEED to bathe - started hunting for materials to enclose a module.
I found steel corrugated roofing for the floor(good for diverting water
off platform), found bubble wrap in the dumpster - enough, when tapped
together, for two sides. Found a clean bucket inside for water.
Security - about 50 students are working on a project that requires
bandsaws - as the blades break I dig them out of the trash and secure them
to the underside of my platform. It's not going to prevent unwanted
intruders but it would at least hurt them if they tried sneaking
in from the back unlit area ( not going down without at
least a piece of flesh. I might also do a version of cut glass cemented to
wood - learned this in Tijuana)
***day 4-Monday -Stairs- getting exhausted climbing up and down. Now that the
basic shelter is built I can take time to hunt for scraps
( this is before the woodshop opened and before I knew I could use it!!!)
Needed to scrap together pieces of wood so that they are level -
scavanged the ground for discarded nails (had to straighten them)
and screws.
Organization-loosing/ misplacing things in the mess, - found
another bucket tied cord around it and hoisted it up through the
tarp over the "dressing room" module to eye level, use it as a
medicine cabinet/towel rack.
Fortification- everyday, in addition to new needs, I add to and
"enhance" what was already taped and tied together - such as
raising roof in some areas to standing level by hoisting
empty water bottles tied with cord up through the first level of shelter.
***day 5- tuesday -Simple Table- I'm getting tired of eating out of my lap, spilling
crumbs that may attract rats. Found out I could use the
woodshop ( 5 days later is better then none).
Lounging area- now that I can bathe, sleep, eat, I want to relax (or
at least be able to)in my shelter. Need another platform (choose
another scrap piece of corrugated steel), tied white 550
cord in a web to the posts on the second level in order to
prevent falling when I lay back and fall asleep on my tyvek pillows.
***day 6- Wednesday- Beautification (if it's possible) - my needs are met ( I think).
Up until now the entire aesthetic of this shelter has been driven
by need along with the availability of scrap materials. I don't
want to feel like I am living in a garbage can. Now I will use
the existing aesthetics ( military, Tijuana, camping, etc)
and try to expand on them.